David Bonci – 1 year on at Scutum East

Scutum East are a long-established Fire and Security provider spanning over 4 decades in the Bedfordshire/ Luton landscape in the UK. Once known as Scan alarms, Managing Director for Scutum East reflects on 2022 and celebrates the successes as well as acknowledges the challenges still to come in 2023.


Making strides in 2022

“The team has made great strides in the past year. They now have a joined-up approach and resources to help them work holistically as they progress together, with everyone onboarding into these new processes.” Reflects David.

David has spent time with the team working hard to implement new processes and it’s paying off! They’ve seen improvement in sales, customer satisfaction ratings as well as increased teamwork. This is due largely because of their joined-up approach bringing fresh ideas from all levels of the company into one another’s lives so they can share best practices across departments

The team is prepared to adjust, and all members are flexible enough that they can embrace positive changes.

“We’re beholden not to one department but each team ranging from the sales teams, engineering staff and administration as an example; without each of these groups, there wouldn’t be much work going on at all! Because of this unity, we’re 20% up on last year’s performance (and growth opportunity).”

Scutum East History

The power of the scan brand was its longevity starting in 1978, this family centric company dated back four decades. However, the transition to Scutum East in 2018 opened the company to multiple locations throughout the UK and into Europe as well expanding products and service offerings to clients.

“It has been a challenge helping clients and the local community adjust to the name change, but they’re learning that we’re still the same team, only with even more to offer. Our teams work hard at making these changes happen – like changing old, branded bell boxes in favour of new ones- which helps build local brand awareness too” Shared David.

“Joining the Scutum Group allows more comprehensive support than it did before, including IT back up and operator services. Scutum East also has access to national infrastructure that Scan didn’t previously have such as marketing help for example, this means Scutum Group UK can offer their clients better product-service offerings overall!”

David is keen to communicate that as Scutum East integrates customer needs into their design process, it’s important to not only provide solutions to problems but do so while also building awareness on how great this local product can be.

Team focused

“There are two things the team considers before making a decision”, David explains. “We practice Thinking about what the impact will be, either positive or negative and then take into account how that might affect our team members as well!”

“The first thing I did when I joined Scutum Group UK as Managing Director for Scutum East, was get to know my colleagues and make time for them. It’s common knowledge that we spend more of our workdays with co-workers than family, so it’s important to build up relationships!”

Training the next generation

Scutum East are proud to host two of the apprentices from the Scutum Academy, both welcome additions to the team.

“The Scutum East apprentices have been a shining example of dedication and hard work. They’ve always placed at the top in every class, we’re proud to say that they belong here!” Beams David

“Scutum Group UK offers employees career advancement as well, recognising capability and dedication. Many of the Scutum East team have benefitted from this since joining Scutum Group UK” he continues.

Customer care

Scutum East are committed to providing the highest quality of installation and customer satisfaction.

 “We have had one complaint since I joined, which was resolved quickly and eight recorded compliments about how well-researched their needs analysis was in understanding why they needed CCTV/ Access control/Fire Safety systems before customizing it so we could deliver efficient services at competitive prices.”

Challenges for Scutum East

“Staff retention was one of the first challenges Scutum East was keen to focus on, this issue stretches across industry and is a large struggle for most companies operating in the skilled labour sector. Staff turnover is costly in more ways than just financially. But we’re pleased to say 2022 has been a key turning point in gaining full team stability. This was due in part because we changed our team culture this past year” Reflected David.

And now that David has celebrated his first anniversary here at Scutum East., things couldn’t be going better: retention rates are high!

Things do certainly look promising for the whole of Scutum Group UK, not just Scutum East in 2023

“The vision for 2023 is to continue to watch the local support continue to grow and benefit from our quality service and access to a national support network. The only way is up.”

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