Fire & Security For Broadcast, Telecoms & Media

Scutum UK has a strong customer base of some of the largest telecommunications and media providers across the UK. In an increasingly cloud-based modern world where we are always-online and always connected, it is critical to have continuity of network service. Our fire and security solutions protect staff, valuable assets and minimise interruption of service.

  • Mobile Networks
  • Fibre Networks
  • Broadcasters
  • Internet Providers
  • TV & Radio
  • Theatres
  • Newspapers
  • Cinemas

Broadcast / Media Overview



Versatile &

From local theatres to internationally renowned broadcasters, Scutum UK have a fire and security solution to fulfil your unique requirements.

Single-Source Fire & Security Solution

Scutum UK is a single-source provider for fire, security and safety solutions. Systems can be networked and integrated, improving ease of use and streamlining building operations.

Accredited &

Scutum UK is fully accredited and certified, providing solutions since 1989. Our in house team of consultants, designers and fire risk assessors ensure that the systems we install are best-in-class and comply with legislation.

A Long Term

The installation of an Scutum system is only the beginning of a long term relationship. Our maintenance agreements, 24/7 emergency service and local support ensure the long term safety and security of your site.


Suitable For All Markets & Applications

We provide fire protection and security solutions to suit any environment or application. From the largest blue-chip companies to governmental bodies, hospitality to defence, healthcare to transportation, we are proud to protect some of the largest and most prestigious UK organisations.

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