Fire Alarms & Sounders

Alarms are an essential component to most fire detection systems and it is becoming increasingly important to provide a visual alarm (VADs), to complement the typical audio sounder alarm. We provide a full range of conventional or intelligent audio sounders and visual beacons, compliant with the BS EN 54-23:2010 product standard.

Conventional Alarms & Sounders

Scutum’s range of conventional alarm devices feature high output LEDs and advanced optics that provide superior omni-directional light coverage at low current draw. Approved to the EN54-23 standard our range delivers premium quality and reliability.

Analogue Alarms & Sounders


Scutum’s analogue fire alarm devices are approved to the EN54-23 standard and we can offer sounders, voice sounders and visual alarms within a single device. Analogue loop powered alarms, sounders and beacons can provide considerable savings through the reduction of installation costs and offer large energy saving benefits where a full loop of devices can be powered without the requirement of additional power supplies.

VADS Alarms & Sounders

Visual Alarm Devices (VADs) provide a visual indication of an alarm condition to people who wouldn’t normally be alerted to a fire by standard audible-only alarms. We offer a range of EN54-23 compliant VADs that are third-party approved and exceed the demands of the standard, providing the ultimate in performance.

Products Features

We offer a large range of highly resilient and versatile devices, approved and suitable for use in any environment.

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