Elevating Hospital Infection Control with Centrak: A Scutum Safety and Security Initiative

As healthcare evolves, ensuring patient safety and robust infection control measures is essential. The Scutum Group UK has emerged as a pioneering force, offering the revolutionary Centrak system to hospitals, a transformative solution that leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance both security and infection control.

Centrak: A Game-Changer in Hospital Infection Control

As Andrew Humphries, Managing Director of Scutum West, aptly puts it,

“Healthcare security has undergone a profound shift. The traditional focus on physical threats has expanded to include a robust approach to infection control. Centrak represents the future of healthcare security.”

Traditionally, hospital security primarily focused on physical threats, with limited measures in place for infection control. However, in the wake of the global health crises and the ever-present challenge of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), the healthcare sector was spurred into action. The Centrak system, a dynamic and comprehensive solution, addresses both these concerns effectively.

Centrak operates on the principle of real-time location tracking, providing hospitals with a holistic approach to security and infection control. Patients, staff, and critical assets are equipped with Centrak-enabled badges or tags, allowing for real-time monitoring and management of their movements, ensuring patient safety and minimising infection risks.

The Centrak System: Key Benefits in Hospital Settings

Andrew emphasised that

“Centrak is not just a security system; it’s a powerful tool for enhancing infection control and patient safety.”

The Centrak system offers numerous benefits:

Infection Control: The Centrak system is a crucial tool for monitoring patient and staff movements, ensuring strict adherence to infection control protocols. It allows for the swift identification of potential outbreaks and tracking of contacts between infected individuals and those at risk.

Asset Management: Beyond infection control, Centrak aids in tracking essential medical equipment, optimising their availability and enhancing patient care.

Patient Safety: Centrak prevents unauthorised movement of patients, promoting patient safety. Real-time alerts and geo-fencing capabilities keep patients within designated areas, minimising the risk of accidents or elopement.

Emergency Response: The system’s real-time location data facilitates faster responses during emergencies, allowing staff to pinpoint the exact location of incidents and respond promptly.

Scutum Safety and Security Group: Empowering Hospitals with Centrak

Scutum Group UK has been at the forefront of driving change in healthcare security and infection control. By offering access to the Centrak Security system, the group has demonstrated its commitment to transforming hospital security.

When asked how these systems may benefit the various stakeholders, Andrew stated that there are many reasons but not limited to:

  • Protecting people and equipment giving protection against staff attack, wandering patients, cross contamination and thefts of high value equipment.
  • Greater efficiency which saves money.
  • Improving the patient experience.
  • Reduces costly legal claimsand saves money if claims can be refuted by factual, evidential data.

A Safer and Healthier Tomorrow

As we look to the future, the Scutum Group’s dedication to innovation will continue to drive progress in hospital security and infection control, ultimately setting new standards for healthcare excellence. The Centrak system stands as a shining example of our commitment to transforming healthcare for the better.

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