Acquisition Electro Guard: Two years on Transitioning to a New Era

When Electro Guard was acquired by Scutum Group two UK years ago, the initial transition was remarkably smooth. Stewart Warden, Operations Manager of Electro Guard, recalls the early days:

“Nothing really changed much at first. It was Kevin who I met, and we had a discussion. Basically, it was just run as it had been before.”

However, as time went on, the shift towards a corporate structure brought about significant changes.

“We moved from a family-run business, where the focus was on making money without much oversight, to a more structured environment,”

Stewart explains.

Modernising Electro Guard

One of Stewart’s primary goals during the first year under new ownership was to modernise the company.

“Scutum gave me a platform to really change things here,”

he says.

“We started with the basics—changing the decor, getting new furniture, and creating different areas, like a meeting and training room that gets used all the time now.”

These changes weren’t just cosmetic; they transformed how the company operated and engaged with customers.

“We’ve added a demo board so customers can see our products when they visit,”

Stewart notes.

“It’s made a big difference.”

Embracing Corporate Challenges

The transition to a corporate environment presented its own set of challenges.

“Learning about the corporate world was a big adjustment,”

Stewart admits.

“There was a lot of new terminology and procedures to get used to. At first, I was worried about all the emails and CC’d messages, but over time I realised not all of them needed my attention they were for awareness only.”

Despite these hurdles, Stewart found the support from Scutum to be invaluable.

“Kevin was very good to me. He listened to the changes I wanted to make and allowed them to happen,”

he says.

Enhancing Employee Experience

One of the most significant impacts of the acquisition has been on the Electro Guard staff.

“The changes have made the workplace much nicer,”

Stewart says.

“We’ve put in windows, redecorated, and generally made it a better environment for everyone.”

These improvements have boosted morale and productivity.

“The team is happier, and there’s a lot more energy in the building,”

he adds.

“It’s been great to see the engineers and staff grow in their roles and take on more responsibilities.”

Looking Ahead

Stewart is optimistic about the future under Scutum’s umbrella.

“Our long-term goals include modernising our services and expanding into new areas,”

he explains.

“We’re pushing forward with new technologies, like app-controlled alarm systems, and we’re expanding our reach into places like Edinburgh.”

The acquisition has also provided opportunities for professional growth.

“I’ve learned a lot about corporate operations and leadership, and it’s been very rewarding,”

Stewart reflects.

Stewart believes the acquisition by Scutum Group UK has been overwhelmingly positive for Electro Guard.

“The support and resources from Scutum have allowed us to grow and improve in ways we couldn’t have before,”

he says.

“It’s been a challenging but exciting journey, and I’m looking forward to what the future holds.”

Have you noticed the positive changes happening at Electro Guard? We pride ourselves on being a vibrant community with many rising stars, and we are committed to providing the best opportunities for our teams to succeed. If someone has stood out to you while working with Scutum Group UK, we want to hear about it! They deserve to be recognised and celebrated. Let us know and help us shine a spotlight on their achievements.

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