Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

Scutum offers intuitive, intelligent and scalable physical security information management systems that form the backbone of any access control, surveillance or fire protection system.


Scutum’s physical security information management (PSIM) systems provide intuitive operation and efficient monitoring of all security aspects on site and can integrate with access control, CCTV and fire alarm systems.

Operators receive actionable, real-time alerts and alarms as they occur, with options for secure remote access to CCTV, remote entry control, mobile applications and flexible user management.


PSIMs allow a transition from systems that are reliant on constant monitoring and input by security personnel to information-based systems that intelligently manage the increasing volume of information in the control room. PSIM solutions help to reduce costs, enhance security and ensure compliance to security policies.

A complete PSIM software system supports the collection, analysis and verification of information and data, enabling faster resolution, automated reporting and complete audit trails of incidents.

Product Features

We offer a large range of highly resilient and versatile devices, approved and suitable for use in any environment.

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