Intruder Detection

Scutum installs, monitors and maintains intruder systems that comprehensively secure business premises, assets, valuables and systems.

Intruder Detection & Alarms


Scutum offer comprehensive intruder detection and alarm systems with a range of options to suit all environments and applications. Systems can be wireless over wi-fi or Bluetooth, hardwired or hybrid solutions. Our modular systems can integrate with existing infrastructure and offer reliable early intrusion detection, avoiding false alarms.

Motion detectors, glass-break sensors or perimeter sensors can be combined with advanced analytics and thermal imaging to provide a comprehensive intrusion detection solution, protecting your people, property and assets.

Remote Monitoring Centres (ARCs)


Through Scutum’s alarm receiving centres (ARCs) intrusion or perimeter sensors can silently activate an alarm when an intrusion is detected. Our trained monitoring centre staff can monitor audio and video from cameras on site, verify the alarm and communicate to law enforcement, ensuring law enforcement can be on site in a timely manner.

Product Features

We offer a large range of highly resilient and versatile devices, approved and suitable for use in any environment.

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